Monday, January 28, 2008

A Love Letter to my Kitchen

Dearest Beautiful, Yet Tiny Kitchen,

How I have missed you these past five days that I have been fighting the cooties. I have missed your shiny stainless pots and your lovely speckled fake granite counter tops that I lovingly picked for you. I miss all my new Christmas presents stored away in your cabinets and drawers and, well, who am I kidding... sitting on those gorgeous counters. I long for the beautiful ebony refrigerator that dispenses the water I love so much and holds my favorite ice cream. Our time apart shall go on no longer. I will see you tonight. How does 6:00 work for you?

The Diva

p.s. On the menu tonight is Philly Cheesesteaks with green beans and corn on the cob. Can't wait! Or maybe meatball subs. Something to use subrolls before they go bad. Hmmmm.....

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