Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eat from the pantry update already thinking about next month and beyond

When I sat down last week to write out my month long plan I struggled to come up with the final 10 meals. But since then, I seem to have ideas all the time. So I'm going to write some of them down here because I can and should still draw from my freezer and pantry after this challenge is over so that I use up what I have instead of always using the new stuff and letting the things buried go to waste.

Here are some meal ideas. I'll update this post as I think of more:

Falling Off the Bone Chicken Wings- these are by far my favorite wings ever. I would rather make these at home than go out to eat for wings. When I think of wings these are the ones I want. Can you tell I really love them? I always serve them with pineapple because the flavors just seem to go together. I have several packs of wings in the depths of my freezer and the other ingredients (except ketchup... I'm almost out!) so this would have made a good recipe for this month too.
Here's the link to the recipe:

Bourbon Chicken- we love this and I have everything I need to make it (ya know except ketchup). I also serve this with pineapple. I guess I just really like pineapple
Here's the link:
By the way you should really check out the other recipes from Amber's Kitchen. That is one of my favorite food blogs!

Sweet & Sour Chicken- again I already have everything I need. I haven't posted this recipe. I'm not even sure where I got it from to give credit so not sure I'll post that.

Hibachi steak and fried rice- this is Michael's specialty. I like Michael specialties because then I get a night off from cooking!

Can you tell we like Asian food or what?!?

update 1/9/10 I thought of more:
Chicken Parmigiana
Sweet & Sour smoked sausage
chicken bacon ranch pizza
hash brown quiche
beef/chicken/pork fried rice
Sesame Ginger ribs (Asian style of course) & (crock pot)
One pan spaghetti
baked ziti
slow simmered garlic pork chops (crock pot)
Scalloped Potatoes w/ ham (would have to buy potatoes but will need a bag by then anyways)
Oven Fried Chicken (my mom's recipe-so good!)
Nana's Hamburger Gravy (not my nana someone else on Allrecipes or somewhere. Like sausage gravy but with hamburger... so yummy on biscuits!)
Italian Sausage and Potatoes
Chicken fingers with honey sauce
Meatloaf Patties
Pulled Pork (crock pot)
Beef Stew (I don't care what I have to buy to make it... I'm CRAVING it)
Chili (perfect for a cold winter night!)
Baked Potato Soup- Still working on finding that perfect soup that tastes rich and fattening for hubs but is light enough for me.

Now just need to think of a few ways to use sweet potatoes that hopefully hubs will eat. I would also like to think of a way to use some of these yummy Muir Glen tomatoes that I have sitting in my pantry. They are my absolute favorite canned tomato ever and since, thanks to the power of couponing, I get them free all the stinking time, I refuse to buy anything else.

Also, I have tons of instant oatmeal (the stuff in the packets) that I would like to find a way to use. Since we only really eat breakfast at home on the weekends and then I like to make something hot & homemade I have a ton that I've gotten for free or close to it and haven't been using. Unfortunately most of the boxes have been opened (since they're different flavors) with one or two packets removed so I can't donate any. I have made oatmeal muffins before so I was thinking of substituting a package of that for the uncooked rolled oats called for in that recipe. I'll do some experimenting and let you know.

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Cupcakemommie (Jessica) said...

My husband LOVES wings...loves em! I think we might have to try the wing recipe this month. We buy our wings at Costco so you can just imagine how many we have...

I always think ahead too...maybe a little too much, but that's me :)