Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eat from the Pantry- How've I been doing?

Just a quick little update to let y'all know how I've been doing.

Monday: packed breakfast and lunch for hubs and me. For dinner we had a Hormel Turkey Dinner ( It was ok but we both agreed that mine is better but it sure doesn't take 4 minutes to heat up. :-)

Tuesday: packed breakfast and lunch for hubs and me. For dinner we were supposed to have meatloaf muffins but I was going to switch and have pizza instead since we had mashed potatoes with our turkey the night before. Instead, my in-laws took us out to dinner. Cracker Barrell is never a bad thing!

Wednesday: I skipped breakfast. Didn't pack lunch but hubs is home so he can eat some of the massive quantity of cereal residing in our pantry. I grabbed the January coupon from my Chick-fil-A calendar so I had chicken noodle soup. It was good. I am making that pizza tonight and Crystal's muffins.

I haven't shopped since my trip to Trader Joes. I do want some of those Aldi oranges and some Romaine lettuce though. The new ads in my area start today and I am dying a little on the inside to not be able to get some of these good deals I just keep repeating: "sales are cyclical, sales are cyclical. These deals will come again."

How are you all doing with the challenge?

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