Monday, January 4, 2010

Eat from the pantry challenge update- how I've been doing- Epic Fail

I have had some success and one gigantic failure so far in the eat from the pantry challenge.

Jan 1- packed hubs lunch & breakfast for work, I was off so I ate leftovers at home for lunch, made beans & greens for dinner (

Jan 2- had breakfast in the car on the way to NC. Made Jimmy Dean brown & serve sausages that I had in my freezer and chocolate croissants also from my freezer. Met friends in Charlotte, NC for lunch, ate out lunch, got coffee, drove through for dinner on the way home.

Now, my big failure comes in the form of a sweet surprise from my husband. I have always been mildly obsessed with Trader Joe's. To the point that I email them every 6 months or so and beg for them to build a store where I live. Afterall, there are stores in GA & stores in NC. It would seem that SC is the next logical step, no? So we were going to be there and hubs decided that we were going and I was going to get everything I ever wanted. My in-laws go up a couple of times a year and bring back wonderful things so I had an idea of what I wanted (more chocolate croissants, mini croissants, 2 buck chuck, etc). Spent: almost $76.00 Epic Fail

Jan 3- I packed hubs lunch & breakfast because he worked, I was at home and ate leftovers all day. Was going to make chicken for dinner but it's a really long story involving thinking that I would need to hold it back to make for next Sunday to make for best friend and her boyfriend to come to dinner but now don't need to because he's an ex-boyfriend. Plus, hubs was working WAY late and it's no fun to eat a dinner like that alone. Made hubs a grilled cheese sandwich when he got home. Don't feel bad for him. He loves grilled cheese.

Jan 4- packed lunch & breakfast for me & for hubs. Making a turkey Hormel dinner tonight because noticed that I need to go ahead and use it. Using leftover mashed potatoes from New Year's Eve dinner.

Schedule will resume tomorrow and I've gotta make some muffins tonight because I just can't live without Crystal's pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (

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Michelle said...

Don't be hard on yourself! A trip to Trader Joe's is never a fail in my book!