Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Product Review- Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauce in a Microwavable Pouch

I have tried a great new product and I want to share a review with my fellow bloggers. I was at the grocery store looking at all the beautiful pasta when something caught my eye. Bertolli is making pasta sauce in a microwavable pouch that takes 90 seconds to heat. I picked up the Summer Crushed Tomato and Basil and it was really great. I bought Champignon and Portobello Pasta Sauce this past weekend and will make it sometime soon.

I like making my own sauce, but for nights when I'm really crunched for time or just plain exhausted, it is nice to have this as an option.

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Prudy said...

Thanks for the review. I even like the title...summer crushed tomato. Sounds yummy.