Monday, October 29, 2007

Must Try Porkchops!

We have never met a porkchop that we haven't liked so when I saw this recipe I knew that I had to give it a try. I had planned to make corn fritters to go along with it but unfortunately my corn got freezer burn. Instead I made rice and for the first time I made it entirely with chicken broth and that turned out really well and was the perfect side for this. I thought Michael was going to faint he loved this meal so much. It really was delicious with the sauce drizzled on top.

Here is the link to her blog (Oct11bride03):

Here is her original posting of it:

Here is the corn fritters recipe in case you want it (it looks super good):

When I posted the recipe rave on the cooking website I frequent someone said that her husband didn't like porkchops (gasp! How is that possible?!?) and asked for another suggestion. Like most recipes involving pork, chicken can easily be substituted. You would, of course, have to figure out cooking times but just look at another recipe or dig out a cookbook.

Thanks for the recipe and I can't wait to make it again! :)

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The Home Cook said...

I'm so glad you guys liked it! You MUST try the corn fritters in the summer when corn is at its peak. It's truly fantastic. We had those fritters almost once a week when I was getting fresh corn from the farmers market. :)